GOD Turns For Our Good...

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Posted on June 18 2019

GOD Turns For Our Good...

Written: by Brantley W.

God often uses our suffering and mishaps for a greater good. There are 2 major examples of this in my life.

The first is a major car accident my wife and I endured almost 10 years ago. We had been through a lot just prior to this accident. I lost my mother to cancer, and my wife lost her father to a heart attack within a five month period. I thought the car accident would be more than we could handle, but God has his own plans.
To set the background, I was just going back to college, working a 40 hour work week, and my wife was visiting her mother nearly every weekend, which was a 5 hour drive each way. Fortunately, I survived the accident with minor injuries, but my wife did not. She broke one arm, tore the tendons in another, broke at least 2 ribs, and did serious damage to her neck.

I didn't know how we were going to get through it. My wife was in constant pain, and could do very little because of her injuries. Her mother had never taken care of herself, and I still had to work and school. Somehow, God found a way, and we all received great blessings out of it.

Because she was forced to, my wife's mother became more self-sufficient, and is a much stronger woman than I ever thought possible. My wife and I were forced to spend much more time at home, which ended up being a great blessing, because our sweet kitty became sick and we were able to stay with her constantly. I was able to finish school while continuing to work, and learned that I can handle any task thrown at me.

My wife and I became closer than ever(which seemed impossible) as we were forced to rely on each other constantly. We also developed a much stronger relationship with the church and with God. While the accident was horrifying and I pray no one ever experiences anything like it, God used it all for His good.

The second was the previously mentioned death of my mother. My mom was one of the greatest women to ever live. She was incredibly intelligent, and one of the most fun people you could ever meet. She loved God and she loved others with her whole heart. Losing her was one of the hardest things I could ever imagine, but God used it all for a better good.

While I have always loved my dad, we didn't talk to each other as much as I would have liked. During Mom's battle with cancer, Dad and me became much closer, and we were there for each other constantly.

Since Mom's passing, I talk to my dad almost daily, and other than my wife, he is my best friend in the world. While losing Mom was tragic, the friendship I have with my dad is irreplaceable. I don't think we would be great friends today if not for the heartbreak we shared together.

God is able to use anything for good and for His glory!

Brantley W.

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