There Is A Shaking

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Posted on August 13 2019

There Is A Shaking

Absolutely. This is what’s happening. Science refers to the movement of the tectonic plates on the ocean floor beneath the surface of what we see and hear. This is caused by heat pressures that are building up in the earth.

But let me tell you what this means prophetically. Never has the war between the heavens been so obvious and violent. We witness the circus in the halls of Congress. The anarchy in our streets. The mindless violence in our schools. The chaos on the floors of commerce. In the remotest details of your life, inch by inch you’re fighting and contending, praying to survive.

What’s going on?

The powers of Heaven’s Throne are confronting lying spirits at work in human lives and world systems. Again, it is the Lord who does this. It is not a battle to determine the victory but to reveal it. Like Jesus, you will see that devil fall from heaven like lightning. We often feel a thing before we see it. You sense something in the air before it shakes beneath your feet. Generational lies and foundational strongholds have kept peoples and governments enslaved in deceit and bondage. The cataclysmic contention in the heavenlies reaches to the core of all existence and is shifting those tectonic plates. The shifting shatters those deeply rooted words, contracts, assumptions, curses, claims, treaties spoken over you and your family, over peoples and nations.

We must discern in the spirit realm what is taking place. This convulsion of supernatural tectonic plates is not caused by the heat of hell, but from the fires of the altar of heaven.

Often first glance recognizes the pain and suffering of those in the middle of the fiercest change and battle. But locate those places where the name of Jesus is most despised and the people of God are most violated, there you will find the altar of heaven established and the inferno of Glory roaring out from the angry Altar, consuming every lying thing that rises up against the knowledge of God. Where the enemy is reviling, God is reviving.

As you experience these uncertainties, don’t feel insecure and vulnerable. The redeemed have never been so sure and certain. You are hidden and kept in the sovereign hand of heaven. Realize that it is beyond your control, but not beyond your influence. You participate at the level of your prophetic surrender and confession of his word. Stop trying to adjust the pictures on the wall. Leave the vase on the floor. Stop trying to maintain every church program you’ve known for generations. They are part of the debris of deliverance. Paradigms are swallowed up in sinkholes as the prophetic Word erupts to declare the Kingdom of our Lord. “Can a nation be born in a day?“ Rhetorically, yes! And the birth of Israel was just the first born of many nations to rise and fall in the night.

The Spiritual landscape of our cities and nations is changing in a moment before our eyes. It’s by His command that these winds blow. He is the Lord of the convulsions that crumble foundational stones and level strongholds that have been established for generations. This time He’s doing more than turning over a few tables, he is obliterating those persons and peoples and places and prisons who are delusional in their arrogance, but who are now standing eye to Eye with the epiphany that it is the Lord who does this and His Kingdom will not be denied.

Written by Paul Lanier

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