The Story of His Glory

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Posted on August 06 2019

The Story of His Glory

I have been a Christian for 21 years and I tried to do so many things in my own strength and it caused so much pain and heartache...but God

I used to pray for God to deliver me, help me to have the faith to do What His word says to do, and so much more. He does put things/people in our path to answer prayers, however, His word is so much more powerful than I ever thought it was. I took so much for granted and I was so full of flesh and self that I didn’t fully believe His truth. But God made His word come alive several times and this time I realized that I was not fully trusting Him and His word that says, when I was saved, I was given the power to do what Jesus did because He lives in me.

My eyes have been opened and realized that I didn’t have the knowledge to fully know how real and true His word is because of what people have taught and depending on only what we see. Our spirit is filled with Jesus and His power to make the demons flee, pray for His healing to be manifested and so much more. Do you truly believe and Trust Him enough to work in and through you with the gifts He has already given you? Are you Alive in Him? He is the Great I Am

Written by Tiffany McCullock

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