Setting the Captive Free

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Posted on May 17 2019

Setting the Captive Free

Written by Veneta Ford

Every Wednesday our church meets to pray. I had listened to the prayer requests and then I began to pray. As I began to pray for all the requests, I know of no other way to say this.... I was interrupted by the Holy Spirit. He told me to go to a certain county jail and free a lady by the name of “Mary Jane”. I quickly said, “Lord, this can’t be you.” He said, yes and how you will know it is the correct “Mary Jane” - she will have been RECENTLY arrested. I finished up my prayer time and I left quickly because I had so many other appointments.

Setting the Captive Free

I returned to my office sat down at my desk to literally take a breath. I began to shake. I thought my bp had dropped because I hadn’t eaten all day. Then, I heard His voice again, “Did you forget “Mary Jane”?” I said, yes I did. I began to call that county jail and explain to who answered what I was going thru. SHE ACTUALLY listened. She said, ok we have 4 “Mary Janes” but one was arrested today. I said, that’s got to be her.

**When God led me to the lady magistrate, she asked me...”Is she your relative or friend?” And I said, “Neither.” She said, “Do what?” I said let me explain what the Lord spoke to me. She said, “No one has ever come in here and paid a debt for someone they did not know.” I said, “Yes ma’am, I am pretty shaken up about it myself, but I must be obedient.” She smiled and smiled while agreeing.

God led me to that county jail to set her free.

Was “Mary Jane”ecstatic? Literally in shock. My flesh wanted to be concerned about putting her in my car.... but when I asked her did she have a ride, she said OH YES, I called before I came out and arranged. Yet another confirmation, God HAD LED me.

A total stranger paid her freedom. But then again, I don’t know who was more free, her or me? It was such a freeing time in that magistrate’s office today at 4pm.

*I kept watch on this hall until I saw sweet “Mary Jane” coming. What a glorious time it was.*

Setting the Captive Free

The power of God has shaken me to my core today. Was this a test? I am not sure but I sure hope I passed it. We value what we have.... My relationship with Christ IS my value. Never would I thought Lil me would hear HIS voice as clear as I did today. 4/24/2019 at 4pm.

I’ve did research for weeks on the biblical meaning of number 4. From all I can find ... it deals with creation. (4 Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) ... Maybe this is a new creation within US ALL to behold.

Lord, may this bring glory to your name somehow, someway. Father, thank you for sparing me in the times I could have been in her same shoes, but the grace of God KEPT ME AND KEPT US ALL. In Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.

Veneta Ford

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