Rock Bottom God

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Posted on October 21 2019

Rock Bottom God

When we’re at rock bottom that’s where God meets us. It’s not on the mountaintop, that’s when we’re too high-headed. ROCK BOTTOM is where God is.... after all He is our Rock of Salvation.

Are you at rock bottom, today? Then be careful how you think and talk of yourself... because God is present and He is 👂 listening.

rock bottom👀 Rock Bottom is where Joseph was before he became King.

👀 Rock Bottom was where Peter was when he started to sink but Jesus was right there.

👀 Rock Bottom was where Sarah was when she couldn’t have a baby. But the Angel of the Lord appeared.

Sometimes we don’t like to admit we are at rock bottom, but if we study the scriptures that is EXACTLY when God appears. Could it be ROCK BOTTOM is where we decline to find Christ? I think so.

Prayer to Pray: Lord, use me in my mess for your message. Show me the way out but help me to bring glory to you in this. In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen.

Written by Veneta Ford

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