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Posted on July 30 2019


I pay my tithe faithfully every 2 weeks. It wasn’t always like that. I had a situation a few weeks ago where I honestly didn’t know where the money for a bill was going to come from because of the time frame in which I get paid.

I pay my tithe faithfullyI was literally going to hold back and not pay tithes so the bill could be paid and not have any issues. I prayed and I prayed hard, I paid my tithes, even though I knew the bill could possibly bounce in my account.

I tell you God works!!!! My check was in the bank on a Friday when we were not supposed to get paid until Monday. It may seem like something simple to you but that was God working for me!! I was faithful in paying my 10% and he gave me even more!!

Written by Sharon Kornegay-Shaw


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