Faithful During a Lay-off

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Posted on July 17 2019

Faithful During a Lay-off

I’d like to share my family’s story of how loving, gracious, and merciful the Lord is even in a devastating time of a job loss. He’s always in control and has a plan far bigger than ours.

Michele KeeneSeveral years ago, I was at work and received what I thought, at the time, a devastating and life altering phone call from my husband. He proceeded to tell me he was just laid off his job. Neither of us made a lot of money at the time. I surely couldn’t keep the house afloat with my salary. We immediately began to pray. We knew my husband couldn’t go without a job, so that evening we put a plan together. He’d go down to the unemployment office the next day.

God being the faithful God that He is had other plans. My husband and one of his friends were on the phone the next morning and through conversation my husband told him about being laid off just the day before. His friend asked him if he’d be interested in doing some contract work. We talked about it and obviously took it because we knew the Lord had opened that door.

Since then my husband has moved to a permanent job with a different company. So, what was devastating to our family, God was in total control the whole time. And the amazing thing is, my husband never missed a paycheck! God is so faithful and good to His children. I’m so thankful He’s in total control of my life.


Written by Michele Keene

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