Cutting The Strings of Control

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Posted on June 25 2019

Cutting The Strings of Control

Written by Sam H.

Godly relationships are healthy relationships where trust, respect, nurture and acceptance allow us to grow and be who the Lord created us to be. They are relationships where we feel safe and loved; where we blossom into who we are, and develop our gifts and talents to honor the Lord.

Ungodly relationships are characterized by fear, manipulation, rejection, domination, jealousy, unhealthy boundaries, control and anything that undermines who the Lord planned for us to be. Sadly, healthy relationships are often not so easy, because of all the hurts and wounds we receive from other people, and situations we find ourselves in.

Manipulation is a dishonest method to control others, get our way, or make others think an idea was theirs; it stands in contrast to making honest straightforward requests. Manipulation by GUILT is perhaps the most common form of manipulation.

One of the many ways a manipulator controls is with Aggressive Manipulation such as, you “should”... “You should show me respect.” You owe me. “You should meet my needs.” You are supposed to. Here the manipulator implies: “If you don’t meet my needs, you are GUILTY of neglect me." It may be time to set a healthy boundary for your heart and life! 

Sam H.

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